BOX for Colt 1902 Sporting Model .38 Automatic Colt Pistol


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Hand-made replica storage box for Colt Automatic Pistol 1902 Sporting Model .38 ACP


Réplique faite à la main d’une boite de stockage pour Colt Automatic Pistol 1902 Sporting Model 38 ACP

  1. davis17819

    Fantastic Box. Needed a Nicer box for the yearly Antique Arms Gun Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    I have an original, 99%, Colt Model 1902. I got as many compliments on the Box as I did the pistol.
    Well worth the money. Cannot ask for better.
    Chris is so easy to deal with it’s dealing with an old friend.
    Randy Davis
    Tombstone, AZ

    • Khris

      Thank you so much Randy!
      I’m glad you like my work.
      Take good care!

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