^_^/ The Khristore LOTTERY!


Welcome to the Khristore LOTTERY!

Don’t miss out on your chance, seize the opportunity to win big!


How it works?

Just enter the lottery by getting your 10€ participation, you’ll then receive an order confirmation. That’s it!

Unlimited purchases per person, get as much as you want to increase your chance!!!

The draw will take place in a live Instagram broadcast on Monday, March 4 at 20:00 in France (8pm)

USA: 11am (Pacific), 12am (Mountain), 1pm (Central), 2pm (Eastern)

So yes, YOU can be the one to receive my NEGATIVE CREEP Strat (total value 620) directly to your doorstep for only 10€!!!

How cool is that!



Hold on! There’s more!

Every other participants will get a 10% coupon to use on the website, just keep your order number!



– Monday, January 22, 2024: Congrats to Joseph from the US, the first Winner of the Lottery! You’ve just won Khristore’s Vandalism Strat #66

Watch the full episode #1 on Youtube



– Monday, February 12, 2024: Congrats to Wilco from Netherlands, the scond Winner of the Lottery! You’ve just won Khristore’s SkyStang #11

Watch the full episode #2 on Youtube


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